Health update: Your Phone And Eight Other Things Destroying Your Skin That You Don’t Know

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Health update: Your Phone And Eight Other Things Destroying Your Skin That You Don’t Know

There are a lot of things that damage the skin ranging from sunburns, spending hours in a chlorinated swimming pool and using certain skin products.
These are the more obvious causes but do you know there are less known problems such as your phone, not eating well and the pillowcase you sleep on can damage your skin? Here are a number of habits and things that can make your skin dry or develop a rash regularly.
  • Your Phone
The phone is a device that is used regularly by people and research has shown that it is covered with more bacteria than some places in your restroom. More so, being a device that you almost never wash, the bacteria have a good place to florist and can be transferred to your body. You may want to consider using headphones when taking a call and using screen-cleaning wipes regularly to avoid skin problems.
  • Your Pillowcase
Night time is a time for your body to get refreshed a your skin to shed off dead cells. Unfortunately however, a lot of the cells get sloughed off on your pillowcase along with the oils and toxins that you pick up all day. Any sudden breakout maybe as a result of this and you can prevent it by washing your face before going to bed and washing your pillowcases at least twice a week.
  • Using A Lot Of Detergent While Washing
Using Too Much Detergent for your laundry can be problematic for your skin. It can be difficult knowing the right amount but what is important is to make sure they are fully rinsed off from the fabric. Wearing clothes with the detergent still on can cause skin irritation and you should consider cutting back on your detergent.
  • Wearing Dirty Sunglasses
Putting dirty things on your face can cause your skin problems. Sunglasses spend a lot of time in cases, getting mixed up with hair and in backpacks before sitting on the nose rims. This allows anything on the bridge to rub into the pores of the nose which can lead to a breakout of pimples. Clean your sun shades regularly and if possible, give them a rinse after washing with soap.
  • Sticky Grooming Products
Not all grooming products are meant for the skin. Certain hair products that are sticky can cause acne by clogging pores. Scalp pimples are undesirable and it’s best you apply sticky hair products carefully. Water-based products are best as they are easy to rinse out.
  • Your Helmet
If you have a motorcycle, play a game that requires you to wear a helmet or work in an environment wear helmets are worn regularly, your safety gear could be damaging your skin. Some helmets cause regular rubbing of the skin with the chin strap which can cause acne. Ensure you clean your helmets after use, while ensuring it fits.
  • The Aftershave You Dab On
Your Aftershave may smell good and stings in a bitter sweet manner but the problem is its most likely made of alcohol that is making your skin dry. It won’t be a problem if your skin is oily as that would help, as you grow older, it would do more damage to your skin. You may want to consider swapping your alcohol- based aftershave for lotions.
  • Not Eating Regularly
Skipping your meals can leave your skin dull.and dry as you’d most likely be cutting out essential nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, and healthy fats that makes your skin early healthy and glowing. Include healthy proteins with every meal and you’d be glad you did.

  • Staying Too Long In A Hot Shower

Staying clean should be a priority but that is not to say you have to scrub off all the natural oils produced by your body. By now you’re probably convinced it’s important to be clean. Long showers affect the skin and can lead to dryness and irritation. Try not to use more than ten minutes and ensure the water is warm before taking a dip.

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