7 Weird Food Phobias You Probably Never Knew Existed

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7 Weird Food Phobias You Probably Never Knew Existed

there are a lot of phobias that exist, ranging from a fear of heights, water and enclosed spaces but none seems to be as weird as being afraid of foods. While it may seem Absurd, it is actually normal to be afraid of things that can possibly cause some level of harm to you.
From time immemorial, men were scared of animals and things that were capable of causing injuries and bodily harm but we modern humans seem to have phobias for just about anything. Perhaps, this is due to the fact that a lack of roaming wild animals in our immediate environment has left us with no choice than to create fears wherever we can.
While having certain phobias may appear to be counter-intuitive to our survival, it may help to serve as a balance between courage and fear. More so, a fear of food is something a lot of people will easily dispel, but here are some food phobias you most likely have never heard about.

Cibophobia  – Fear of Food/Eating
People with cibophobia are people that are generally afraid of food either because they once had a scarring experience with food poisoning or have many food allergies. It could also be that such people find a lot of foods disgusting and terrifying.
Methyphobia– Fear of Alcohol
A lot of young adults during their time in tertiary institutions tend to consume a lot of alcohol, sometimes to a level of abuse. Some people however have a fear of alcohol and avoid it either because they once had a terrifying experience involving their use of booze or because they find the smell and taste of some (or even all) types of alcoholic drinks repulsive and disgusting.

Lachanophobia – Fear of Vegetables
People that have lachanophobia tend to have a terrifying fear when they come in contact or see any or all types of Vegetables. The reason why some people have this phobia is that they are scared of mistakenly swallowing an insect while eating the vegetable or they believe that by dating the seeds, a vegetable might start growing from their body.
Ichthyophobia – Fear of Fish
Some people have some level of fear when they sight, smell, and come in contact with fish. The cause of this phobia can most likely come from a belief that fishes cause a lot of diseases or from a relative having an unpalatable experience while chewing the bones.
Mycophobia – Fear or Aversion to Mushrooms
Perhaps it is due to the way and manner mushrooms grow that scares certain people or the fact that they feel they can be poisoned or have an untoward experience from eating them that makes certain people have this fear.
Consecotaleophobia – Fear of Chopsticks
Funny right? Some people actually have a fear of chopsticks. It maybe due to the fact that they are afraid of dropping food all over their body by not properly handling the chopsticks or because they are afraid of embarrassing themselves because they are unskilled in front of people.

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