Former Chief Of Staff To Governor Dickson Escapes Assassination In Yenagoa

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Former Chief Of Staff To Governor Dickson Escapes Assassination In Yenagoa

Five gunmen attempted to kill Dikivie Ikiogha at his home in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State on Monday.
It was gathered that the suspected assassins, who were armed with AK-47 rifles, gained access into the compound located in the Kpansia area of the state capital at about 2 a.m.
But Mr. Ikiogha, a close friend and ally of former President Goodluck Jonathan and former Chief of Staff to Bayelsa State Governor Seriake Dickson, was not in the house when the gunmen struck.
Mr. Ikiogha parted ways with Mr. Dickson and pitched his political tent with the All Progressives Congress (APC), where he made an unsuccessful attempt to secure the APC ticket in the Bayelsa State gubernatorial race.
The hoodlums reportedly scaled the high fence of the building and found a policeman guarding the house fast asleep with his rifle.
They were said to have seized the policeman's rifle and tied him up before breaking into one of the rooms in the building.
Speaking in confidence, a source from the house described the incident as scary, adding that God saved the chief for not being home when the gunmen came into the apartment.
He said the hoodlums operated for an hour between 2 a.m. to 3 a.m. before leaving the house.
“After tying up the policeman, the gunmen cut the iron protective device in one of the windows and entered the room. They held one of the domestic servants at gunpoint and ordered him to lead them to the chief's room,” the source said.
“When they got to the room, the only saw the wife. They asked the wife to produce her husband. But the woman insisted he traveled.

“They told her they came for the chief but that since he was not around she should give them all the money in the house. The woman was able to give them some money. They left promising to come back for him again.”
The source said before the attack, the chief complained that his life was being threatened by some unknown persons.
"He was once complaining that people were after his life. He said it could be in connection with his recent statement on issues affecting the state,” the source said.

When contacted, Mr. Ikiogha declined to give details of the incident, claiming that divulging such details could jeopardize the ongoing investigation.

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