If you 're A Man With This Blood Group, You're At Risk Of A Heart Attack

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If you 're A Man With This Blood Group, You're At Risk Of A Heart Attack

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If you are a man that is about to hit the age of 50 and you hit the gym regularly, and maintain a healthy diet, but you suddenly have a tight feeling in your chest, it can’t be a heart attack—right? Not so fast. New research suggests that one cause of heart attacks in men might be something you can’t even control: your blood type.

In a new and recent study, researchers compared data on more than 1,300,000 people from nine previous studies. Overall, they found that those with type A, type B, or type AB blood were 9 percent more likely to have a cardiovascular event (like a heart attack) than those with type O blood.

While it is not exactly clear why blood type might increase your heart attack risk, researchers have a few theories. For starters, they believe that people with non type-O blood tend to have higher levels of blood-clotting proteins, which make artery blockages—one of the main causes of a heart attack—more likely.

More so, the researchers also believe that people with types A, B, and AB blood are also more likely to have higher cholesterol and higher levels of inflammation which may trigger a heart attack.

Going forward, researchers hope that further studies will examine each blood type alone, as well as determine why the link between blood type and heart attack risk might exist.

While this news may appear all doom and gloom for people that have non type-O blood, there is however one positive side. Like cholesterol, age, and blood pressure, blood type could one day be a factor that helps predict heart disease.

If you are keen about reducing your risk of heart attack, you may want to undergo a number of lifestyle changes that can help prevent cardiovascular disease.

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