Ali Baba reveals why he's yet declare any political ambition

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Ali Baba reveals why he's yet declare any political ambition

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Veteran Comedian, Ali Baba reaveals on Sunday Scoop while  he's yet to declare any political ambition in nigeria.

Alibaba stated that he didn’t have faith in the Nigerian political system and he will never run for a political post in this present-day Nigeria.

He stated as follow:

“I think Banky W and other entertainers running for political offices have a stronger belief in the system than I do. I don’t think there can be credible elections when the voting system is not credible. That has been my fear. Also, we are still practising money politics, which means that an individual with the biggest pocket takes the slot.”
Maintaining that it would be hard for anyone to drive a change as the person would have to work with the existing constitution, the comedian said:
“I don’t understand why the person who used the maze to hit the head of his colleague in the Senate is still there. Once you have embarrassed the chamber, you should be thrown out. Why are they yet to prosecute the people who went into the chamber and carried the maze?
Why should it take so long to put people who said a snake swallowed money in jail? When the constitution is strengthened and the political scene is convenient for people who don’t use money to contest elections, then I can go into politics.”

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